How to choose an Osteopath in Enfield, London

If you have been struggling with back, joint or muscle aches and pains for a long period, perhaps now is the point in time to consider positive steps, as well as look for help with a good osteopath.

Currently, finding a good osteopath within London can certainly become a chore. However, John Yeboah of the Enfield Osteopathic clinic offers five suggestions to help you find one.

How to Choose an Osteopath in London:

1). Verify his or her qualifications – is he or she fully registered with the General Osteopathic Council? Being professionally recognised and competent is your guarantee that he or she knows what they are doing as well as being fully regulated.

2). Always check his or her experience – how long has he or she been practising? Have they gone through any kind of specialist training? For example, John Yeboah has training in Dry-Needling Acupuncture, Scenar Therapy and IDD Therapy as well as being an experienced osteopath – providing an exceptional level of knowledge in his field.

3). Does he or she provide patient testimonials? The ideal recommendation for a good osteopath comes through previously satisfied and content patients.

4). Is he or she friendly and helpful? You need to feel comfortable and at ease in the hands of your osteopath. A way to find out is to meet up and talk with your osteopath. Accordingly, most osteopaths carry out an initial consultation prior to starting any treatment.

5). Believe in your instincts and don’t feel forced into saying yes to any kind of therapy that you aren’t pleased with. Any good osteopath will certainly explain your recommended treatment, the possible prognosis, all side effects from treatment, as well as respond to any concerns you may possibly have.

find an osteopath in Enfield

The Enfield Osteopathic Clinic can reassure you of being in the safe hands of a therapist who is best placed to appreciate your problem, as well as how to restore you to optimum health.

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