Combating Tension-type Headaches with Osteopathy

Throughout our lives it is extremely common for us to experience headaches every so often. During peak times of stress, whether it’s triggered from work or our personal lives, headaches can last days and even weeks before they subside. These type of headaches are known as tension-type headaches and can severely interfere with sufferers lives making simple everyday tasks almost impossible to complete.

To be stunted in the progression of your career or personal pursuits is highly frustrating and can sabotage not only your success but your happiness as well. This is something that shouldn’t be ignored, you don’t have to live with the pain and miss out on opportunities because of it. Osteopathy is an effective treatment for such headaches.

It should be noted that results to osteopathic treatment varies among patients as each body is completely unique, factors like lifestyle and sensitivity should also be taken into account. However, despite the above, many people have positively responded to osteopathic treatment for many years around the world.

A little while ago, a patient of mine told me they were suffering with ongoing headaches, there were no migraine symptoms that accompanied the headaches, e.g. light sensitivity or nausea. Instead, she told me that she was experiencing tension at the back of the head and up to both temples. As a result of the headache, her neck and shoulders would stiffen up causing a burning, aching sensation. Not pleasant at all.

This patient was a personal assistant so she often had tight deadlines and multiple assignments to complete on a daily basis. She would work long hours and would continue working evenings and weekends on her own personal projects as well.

After assessing the muscles in my patient’s shoulder, neck & jaw we found that these areas were very sore. Just putting light pressure on the base of the skull and joints of the neck created a headache behind her eyes and on her forehead. From this I was able to diagnose that my patient was suffering with tension-type headaches. I came to this conclusion from the physical examination, analysis of her symptoms, understanding of her jam-packed work schedule and being able to recreate the headache by pressing the sensitive areas.

Other factors that contributed to this patient’s case consisted of using a computer for long periods of time, little to no physical exercise, increased stress levels and lack of relaxation exercises, for example meditation, yoga or simply going for a walk. Because of her intense work life and neglecting self-care methods that could combat this, muscles and joints in my patient’s head, neck and back had completely tightened up. It was then my job to release the built up tension in order for the headache to lessen and eventually stop occurring altogether.

My patient reported significant results from the treatment combined with the strategies I advised her to complete away from me such as stretching and regular exercise. She noticed a major reduction in the intensity and occurrence of her headaches by the second treatment, by the fourth treatment the headaches had completely stopped.

These kind of tension-type headaches are very common for many of us, especially those that have a sedentary & stressful lifestyle or bad posture. Be sure to keep the balance by remembering to counteract the factors that create these headaches. If you feel you may be suffering with the above, be sure to book yourself in for a free consultation or give us a call on 020 8482 1112.

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