I booked an appointment due to severe back pain and muscle spasm. I did not know what to expect and was a little apprehensive, however Aphrodite was extremely pleasant and put me at ease straight away. After the initial consultation she explained everything that she was doing and was firm.

Having walked in with crutches walking out but unaided. If you have a back issue go and see Aphrodite, I am very happy with the results.

Andrew G.

I am really happy and satisfied with my treatments result. Was in so much pain when I came to see Aphrodite I could not and would not be able to move or sit or stand up properly even could not drive easily.

Now after my treatments I feel grate and also recommended to all my family and friends. Thank you Aphrodite . Your personality is good also as your good job. Helpful, friendly more but more important very professional she knows what she is talking about.


For many years, I visited my GP with chronic shoulder pain. My GP treated this with more and more painkillers – not really treating the problem.

Finally and in a lot of pain my friend suggested I go to see John. With nothing to lose, I went.

In one session, relief from pain. John understood my problem straightaway unlike my GP. John still treats my shoulder and his expert knowledge, advice and treatment really have relieved most of the pain now – my only wish is that I had found John’s treatment earlier or been referred by another medical professional.

Louise P.

John has been treating me for many years for a chronic back condition and his expertise and knowledge are a tremendous help in keeping serious discomfort at bay. He also helps with occasional neck and shoulder injuries and generally has a great interest in making the patient better.

This skill, alongside calm calm and relaxed administration of treatment, is why I would, and have, recommend John to anyone with back, neck and any general muscle discomfort.

Liam M.

For a number of years I have persisted throughout despite lingering problems with my side particularly neck and shoulder area. I have made visits to my GP and had x-rays done, but the problem remained unresolved. On a bus journey I noticed John’s clinic while looking at the window, and decided to arrange a consultation. I found someone who could help, at last! – after the first treatment, I felt better, and gradually with each treatment my muscles became flexible (and the pain went away – and I was sleeping better!. I now go once a month for an ‘’MOT’’. I’d like to mention also the pleasant, professional and friendly approach John gives to his clients. He is very knowledgeable and intuitive. I highly recommend him.

Maria R.

Having seen Aphrodite just a few times, she has done wonders. I was so stiff and had difficulty doing every days chores. Now I can move freely and am ready to go on holiday.


I was experiencing aching pain in my neck and left shoulder. I also experienced sharp pain with pins and needles down my left arm.

Coming to the clinic was very pleasant experience. My Osteopath Aphrodite was very patient , taken the time to establish my health history examine me and listening to what I had say about what level of pain . After my first treatment I experience pain relief, subsequent visits has made me pain free with full movement to my neck and shoulder . I would recommend this clinic to family and friends.


For many years, I have suffered with pain and lack of movement in my shoulder. However, it took a severe lower back pain to finally make me seek treatment.

John Yeboah removed all back pain with one treatment, and I have continued to see him regularly over the past 2 years for my chronic shoulder / neck ailment. I leave his treatment rooms feeling able to continue with everyday life without pain and mobility restrictions.

At all times, he is a true professional. His calm, respectful manner means that I always feel at ease. The treatment does not end with the clinic session. I have been given exercises to increase the mobility of my shoulder, and feel confident that I can contact him any time between treatment for advice.

I have no hesitation in recommending John Yeboah – I only wish I had found him years ago.

Linda C.

I have been visiting John at the clinic for over  4 years in total. I have always found John very courteous, kind and considerate. He always listens to what you say and acts on your symptoms. His treatment has always been so very effective and has helped me with both my back and lately my shoulder problems.

John always answers promptly your telephone queries – literally immediately and always fits you with his very busy schedule quickly and smoothly. The treatment is, to my way of  thinking, highly professional and extremely precise. John is a very kind and professional healer and without his help and support my life would have been very difficult these past few years. I always recommend John to friends and colleagues.

Christopher S.

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